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LIST OF ALERGENS                                            1. Gluten-containing cereals (i.e., wheat, rye barley, oats, spelled, kamut or hybrid varieties). second                                           Crustaceans and products thereof. 3. Eggs and products thereof, 4. Fish and their products. 5. Peanuts and products from                                            6. ​​ Soybeans and products thereof. 7. Milk and products thereof. 8. Nuts, which are almonds,                                           hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, peanuts, pistachios, macadam nuts and                                           Queensland nuts and products thereof. 9. Zeler and its products. 10. Mustard and its products. 11th                                           Sesame seeds and products thereof. 12. Sulfur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher than 10 mg / kg                                           or 10 mg / l. 13. Wolves and their products. 14. Molluscs and products thereof."

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